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Yeah, but they’ll never fucking do the same, so in that case, FUCK THAT! I know I won’t do shit so why even bring it up &Create problems? No doubt he has bitches(positive it’s more than one bitch) hitting him up or vise-versa , flirting with him &Giving him their number. So bye! You’re not a fucking angle while my inbox &DM has spiderwebs in them because I don’t fucking play along with that flirting shit &The oh no they’re just a friend shit, because if they let it, that “friend” can easily turn into more that just “just friends”
It was an amazing experience to see Terry Crews on set working his magic. Sucked I couldn’t take a picture with him, a selfie would have been nice lol #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire #OhImSuchABadGirl #SneakedPicture #TouchedHisHandLikeTwice #GuysITouchedTERRYSHAND #WhiteChicks
Sneaked a picture on the show, they didn’t let us use our phones on set or it’ll be taken away by angry little trolls lol Stay tuned I’ll be in the audience for like 3-6 episodes! 😁#WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire #Excited #FunExperience #EnjoyedMySelf #So #Much #Clapping #60SecondsYouGuys
On our way to the show. #Mascara #Makeup #SnapChat #Merp #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire #BusTrip #AGirlGotsToLookPretty #ForTheCamera #BangBang @ladylala3




I thought this was a metal statue

instead it’s a fucking metal as hell dog

Beyoncé in the 2014 VMA Press Room

Hood Pose

Love Food? This blog is for you.

Blue Ivy stealing the show with her adorable applause <3